How it all Started - Boho is a state of Mind and it often starts with the passion of travel


12 flights. 5 trains - mosquitoes and street vendors. 4 boats. Hundreds of buses - day, night, 2 days / 2 nights, dented, broken, over-air conditioned -or not - with child-sized mini bunks, semi-cama, cama, dirty blankets or luxury meals served by hosts, rats, cockroaches, folklore music and local music videos, street vendors, breath-taking landscapes but non-existent roads. Boats on the Mekong, in boiling hot sun, to push when the river is too dry and sail blindly with a small torch when the boat is (very) late. Car taxis, motorcycle taxis that drive insanely (not to displease me ^^). Motorcycle (pure fun). Riding horses. Or cuddling elephants in a rescue centre. Cycling bicycle. Cycling e-bike. Hitchhiking.

Out of gasoline with our car or motorcycle in the middle of the desert, boat or electricity failures,...

Dorms of all kinds from one to 18 beds, people who snore, who sleep with the air conditioning at 5 °, people who come back drunk and who turn on all the lights, common bathroom (s) - sometimes Shower heads on Turkish toilets - where when you drop your towel or your underwear on the floor you curse yourself to death. Meals of all kinds.

Speaking English, Spanish, French, try to practice your Cambodian, Vietnamese, Portuguese notions.
And play the Ukulele :)

12 open-ended borders.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. Patiiiiience.

A skydive jump. Scuba diving thanks to my darling friends. Snorkelling. Raft. Zipline in "supergirl" position. The Death Road with a mountain bike. Climbing a volcano. Exhausting treks but which amaze you.

Monkeys of all kinds, elephants, crocodiles, tigers, buffaloes, pink dolphins, Irrawaddy dolphins, woodpeckers, geckos, monitor lizards, kangaroos , koalas, opossums, red back spider, snakes, cassowaries, killer jellyfish, Tasmanian devil, whales, sharks, giant tortoises, dingoes, coatis, llamas, alpacas, vicuñas, butterflies, birds and parrots of all sorts and colours.

Sunshine, the rainy season in Myanmar with tornadoes that almost destroys everything. Sun, sun, sun. Feet marked for life by the shape of my flip flops ^^.

Diseases of all kinds. Very bad ankle twists. Mosquito bites which wouldn't allow me to see my skin anymore (those crazy mosquitoes from the Macchu Picchu jungle). 2 motorcycle accidents which left me with beautiful scars. Blisters and blisters the size of my sole, new allergies and cold sores. Arriving in my first country completely voiceless (thank you air conditioning).

And above all : Meetings by hundreds. Smiles, laughter by hundreds of thousands.

Generosity, benevolence, love. Hugs. Poor but happy people. Sharing without judgment. Mutual help. Endless hands given. I have met incredible people, full of kindness and generosity. I laughed in all languages ​​even without understanding each other, we always find a way. I was spoiled, pampered by strangers for whom this is normal and who expect nothing in return.

So here my journey ends. To all those who ask me if I'm happy to be home ...: I'm super happy to see my friends, to see my family, my wardrobe, my shoes and my perfumes (^^), that is certain.
But not really France. France and its bad weather. And its disillusioned people (rightly so), and its people who judge, who let fear destroy the rest. Hardly a foot in France and I felt nostalgia take over me.
Driven by the desire and determination to leave again soon.

Boho fashion is mostly famous in some sunny parts of the world such as Australia, Southern Asia and South America as well as California, but not so much in Europe where it is mainly worn occasionally during festivals.
I think it is a shame as you can easily adapt it to each season, it is very romantic and it gives a real character to the outfits.